CCAI Platform


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About CCAI Platform

CCAI Platform is an AI-driven Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) platform that is built natively on Google Cloud and uses the other Google Cloud Contact Center AI (CCAI) products at its core. CCAI Platform is purpose-built to work alongside CRMs. It provides organizations with a single source of truth for their customer journeys. CCAI Platform is a unified contact center platform that accelerates the organization's ability to leverage and deploy CCAI without relying on multiple technology providers.

CCAI Platform is a full-stack contact center platform for queuing and routing customer interactions across voice and digital channels. It provides easy routing of customer interactions to the appropriate resource pools. It uses the contact center AI building blocks to allow a seamless transition to human agents.

CCAI Platform also allows for reporting on contact center agent performance and customer satisfaction.

CCAI Platform:

  • Provides organizations with modern, embeddable APIs that are optimized for the smartphone era.

  • Delivers AI-based omni-channel routing, intelligent Virtual Agent, Agent Assist, and Insights capabilities that enables organizations to streamline customer experiences.

  • Provides smart device capabilities like photo and video sharing, channel blending, and convenient, on-device authentication.

  • Reduces complexity and dependencies.

  • Improves speed of deployment.

CCAI Platform is part of the CCAI product suite

CCAI Platform unifies the CCAI product suite. It provides a turnkey implementation of an omni-channel contact center that is built to integrate with Google's other contact center AI products.

In addition to CCAI Platform, the CCAI suite contains the following products:

  • Virtual agent powered by Dialogflow CX: Lets you create advanced, virtual agents to handle the routine work of simple interactions 24/7.

  • Contact Center AI Insights: Uses natural language processing to help contact center managers by identifying call drivers, sentiment, popular questions, and other information about customer interactions.

  • Agent Assist: Identifies your customers' intent and provides real-time, step-by-step assistance to employees during their calls and chats with customers.

For general information about Google's AI technology for contact centers, see Contact Center AI.