Google Cloud Trust Center

How we focus on security, compliance, and privacy to earn the position of your most trusted cloud.

Why teams and organizations like yours trust Google Cloud

Your decision to move applications or data to the cloud comes down to your ability to:

  • Trust that your customer data will be stored, processed, and managed responsibly

  • Maintain control of data on infrastructure you don’t own or manage 

Ultimately, customer data is your data, not Google’s

We work to earn your trust by: 

  • Providing a secure platform that delivers transparency and enables sovereignty
  • Defending your data against threats and fraudulent activity using the same infrastructure and security services we use for our own operations
  • Undergoing rigorous, independent verification of our security, privacy, and compliance controls to help you meet your regulatory objectives


We protect your information, identities, applications, and devices using the same secure-by-design infrastructure, built-in protection, and global network that Google uses.

We encrypt data in transit between our facilities and at rest, ensuring that it can only be accessed by authorized roles and services with audited access to the encryption keys.

Learn more about security in Google Cloud

We provide an opinionated view of Google Cloud security best practices for you, including:

  • Deployable security blueprints and landing zones
  • Best practices guides with specific information on helping secure Google Cloud deployments and recommended configurations, architectures, suggested settings, and other operational advice
  • Security products that help you meet your policy, regulatory, and business objectives

Cloud compliance

We undergo independent verification of our security, privacy, and compliance controls to help you meet your regulatory and policy objectives:

You can find details on our full set of compliance offerings, like ISO/IEC 27001/27017/27018/27701, SOC 1/2/3, PCI DSS, and FedRAMP certifications, and alignment with GDPR, and HIPAA in our Compliance resource center.

Explore our Compliance resource center
cloud compliance
Data privacy

Data privacy

We know that privacy plays a critical role in earning and maintaining your trust.

How we work to protect your privacy is codified in our Enterprise Privacy Commitments, which guide our security and privacy practices

See how Google Cloud helps you comply with Common Privacy Principles regardless of region, see relevant products, or visit our comprehensive Privacy Resource Center.

Visit our Privacy Resource Center

With shared fate, we're with you at every step

At Google Cloud, we are active partners committed to helping you achieve your desired risk and security outcomes. We are not delineators of where our responsibility ends and where yours begins. We call this operating model shared fate.


At Google Cloud, we are transparent about our commitments and what you can expect when it comes to protecting and managing your data in the cloud.

Learn more about how Google Cloud handles your data


See the data processing terms for Google Cloud, encompassing Google Cloud, Google Workspace, and Cloud Identity.

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Cloud service status

View the uptime and availability of our cloud services worldwide and access Google Cloud service performance history.

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Improve your cloud posture with our security review

Google Cloud's security experts will conduct an in-depth review of your current Google Cloud configuration and provide you with detailed recommendations and mitigation roadmap. See our entire consulting portfolio and contact sales to get started.

Safer with Google

"We keep your personal information private, safe, and secure. All of our products are guided by three important principles: With one of the world’s most advanced security infrastructures, our products are secure by default. We strictly uphold responsible data practices so every product we build is private by design. And we create easy to use privacy and security settings so you’re in control."

Sundar Pichai, Google I/O 2021