This feature provides an out-of-the-box integration with Verint's Face-to-Face Voice Interaction Recording solution. Data flow between CCAI Platform and Verint is automatically established and call recordings are pushed to the Verint server for single administration.

The Face-to-Face Voice Interaction Recording feature provides extended benefits when used in combination with other functionality in the Verint Workforce Optimization suite.

Benefits from features like:

  • Quality monitoring

  • Speech analytics

  • Desktop and process analysis

  • Performance management

When enabled, the CCAI Platform agent call adapter interacts with a Verint app on the agent's Windows device. UJET's call adapter sends appropriate session metadata and the appropriate signals (start, pause, resume, stop recording) to the Verint app to manage call recording on the agent's device.


  • Agent devices must run Windows OS

  • IT team needs to configure the Verint Face-to-Face Voice Interaction Recording app (msi) to each agents' Windows installation

  • Please contact your Customer Success Manager to activate this feature

Enable Verint F2F recordings

Agent emails are added in the Session Data Export settings. Calls by agents matching those email domains will be recorded.

  1. Go to Developer Settings > Session Data Export and select Manage Data Export.

  2. Toggle the Verint Face-to-Face to ON.

  3. Enter agent emails in the Agent email domain(s) field. To enter multiple domains, separate them using the spacebar.

  4. Click Save.