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Google Cloud infrastructure

Our planet-scale infrastructure delivers the highest level of performance and availability in a secure, sustainable way.

Trusted global presence

Google Cloud’s locations underpin all of the important work we do for our customers. From redundant cloud regions to high-bandwidth connectivity via subsea cables, every aspect of our infrastructure is designed to deliver your services to your users, no matter where they are around the world.

Two overlapping photos. One photo is of the inside of a Google data center, showing rows of servers. The other photo is of the outside of a Google data center with wind turbines in the distance.
Photograph of the exterior of a Google Cloud data center.

Secure, efficient data centers

Google Cloud’s global network of data centers—among the world’s most secure and energy-efficient facilities—run your services 24x7 with the highest possible speed and reliability. Our data centers employ layered security and built-in redundancy and fault tolerance, and strictly limit employee access.

Fast, reliable global network

With a highly provisioned, low-latency network—the same network that powers products like Gmail, Google Search, and YouTube—your traffic stays on Google’s private backbone for most of its journey, ensuring exceptional user experience and high performance. 

Photograph of the interior of a Google Cloud data center. There are rows of servers.
PayPal logo

"PayPal processes billions of transactions across the globe. With Google Cloud, we have access to the world’s largest network, which helps us reach our infrastructure goals and best serve millions of users."

Sri Shivananda, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, PayPal

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Interior of a Google Cloud data center showing a security guard and another person going through a secure entry that requires multiple layers of security protocols.

Multilayered security

We protect your data through progressive infrastructure layers that deliver defense-in-depth. Google Cloud’s adherence to data privacy and security standards has earned the trust of third-party auditors who attest that our infrastructure and operations keep user data more secure and compliant.

Designed for high availability

Our data centers and network architecture are designed for maximum reliability and uptime. Your workloads are securely distributed across multiple regions, availability zones, points of presence, and network cables to provide strong built-in redundancy and application availability.

Interior of a Google Cloud data center showing multiple rows of servers from above.
Aerial view of a solar farm.

Sustainability built in

Google matches 100% of the energy consumed by our global operations with purchases of renewable energy, so every Google Cloud product you use has zero net carbon emissions. And our hyper-efficient data centers use 50% less energy than most systems. Learn more about our commitment to sustainability.