Agent extensions guide

Agent extensions allow agents to be assigned a phone number extension for agent-to-agent calling.

This document walks you through the Call Adapter functions directly impacted by the addition of agent extensions.

Dial pad and extension directory

If you are an agent with an extension assigned, you are able to dial extensions. The dial pad communicates this in the number entry field. There will also be two tabs, Dialpad and Directory, at the top of the dialer.

  • To dial a known extension, enter the star key and extension number.

  • To dial an external number, enter the number as normal.

Access the extension directory

To use the extension directory, click the Directory tab. The default view shows all agent extensions and an indicator of the agent's availability.

  • An empty circle indicates the agent is unavailable.
  • A green filled circle indicates the agent is available.

  • You can use the search field to search for an agent by name or extension.

  • You can filter the list to show only available agents.

Search the extension directory

Click in the search field and begin typing a name in order to search for an agent extension. A list will appear showing all agents that meet the search criteria along with their availability.

If no agents meet the search criteria, a message will appear indicating that there are no available agents to contact.

Receive calls from internal extensions

When a call comes in from another agent extension, the agent's name and extension will appear in the Calling from information on the Incoming call screen.

You can either click Answer to receive the call, or Decline to decline the call. When you receive a direct call from another extension, the Agent Assist and Smart Actions buttons are not present in the In-Call Menu.

Call history

If you have an extension assigned to you, your Call History screen will contain an extra tab, Internal. This Internal tab will show all calls originating from internal extensions, regardless of the call status.

Answered calls, missed calls, and deflected calls have their own separate icons indicating the status of the call.