Run your workloads on virtual machines with specialized offerings for ML, high-performance computing, and other workloads to match your needs.

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Choose and manage compute

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Implement compute and container security

Plan how to protect your compute resources and Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) container resources. (Goes to Architecture Center.)

Multi-regional deployment on Compute Engine

Plan how to build a multi-tier application that runs on Compute Engine VMs in multiple regions in Google Cloud. (Goes to Architecture Center.)

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Google Cloud computing foundations learning path

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Compute technology products by use case

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Virtual machines

Create a VM.

Compute Engine

Configure and deploy scalable, high-performance virtual machine (VM) instances and instance groups.

Create and start a VM instance

Learn how to create a virtual machine (VM) instance by using a boot disk image, a boot disk snapshot, or a container image.

Capacity Planner

Get visibility into your project's use of virtual machine (VM) instance resources.

Regions and zones

Compute Engine resources are hosted in multiple locations worldwide. These locations are composed of regions, which are specific geographical locations where you can host your resources.


OS images for virtual machines.

OS images

Use operating system (OS) images to create boot disks for your virtual machine (VM) instances.

Operating system details

Learn general operating system (OS) details and feature support for the OS images that are available on Compute Engine.

Container-Optimized OS

Bring up your Docker containers on Google Cloud quickly, efficiently, and securely.

Deep Learning VM Images

Deploy VM images that are optimized for data science and ML tasks.

Block storage

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Local SSD

Provide always-encrypted solid-state storage for Compute Engine VMs.

Persistent Disk

Use durable network storage devices that your virtual machine (VM) instances can access like physical disks in a desktop or a server.


Use scalable, high-performance storage service with a comprehensive suite of data persistence and management capabilities.

Confidential computing

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Confidential VM

A type of Compute Engine virtual machine (VM) that enables enhanced performance and security for high-memory workloads using AMD Secure Encrypted Virtualization (SEV).


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Migrate to Containers

Migrate VMs from on-premises or other clouds directly into containers in GKE.

Migrate to Virtual Machines

Migrate servers and VMs from on-premises or another cloud to Compute Engine. (Formerly Velostrata.)

Migration Center

Unified platform that helps you accelerate your end-to-end cloud journey from your current on-premises or cloud environments to Google Cloud. With features like cloud spend estimation, asset discovery of your current environment, and a variety of tooling for different migration scenarios, Migration Center provides you with what you need for your migration.


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Schedule, queue, and execute batch jobs at scale with a fully managed batch service on Google Cloud.

Cloud GPUs

Add GPUs to your workloads for machine learning, scientific computing, and 3D visualization.

Machine family and series recommendations

Learn the machine families, machine series, and machine types that you can choose from to create a virtual machine (VM) instance with the resources you need.

Google Cloud VMware Engine

Migrate and run your VMware workloads natively on Google Cloud.

SAP on Google Cloud

Leverage your SAP data in innovative ways, all while running your SAP applications more reliably, securely, and cost-effectively.

Workload Manager

End-to-end solutions to manage your SAP and Microsoft SQL Server workloads running on Google Cloud.

HPC Toolkit

Deploy high performance computing (HPC) environments on Google Cloud.

Cloud Networking for VMs

Learn how to manage the network your VMs belong to.

Cloud IAM

Set up permissions uses IAM roles to control access to your VMs.

Cloud Storage

Store objects with global edge caching.