Standard Reports: Supervisory Monitoring Data Set

Supervisor Monitoring Report

Supervisors can barge into connected voice calls. They can listen in as well as contribute to the conversation.

To access the Supervisor Monitoring Report, go to Reports > Agents & Teams > Supervisor Monitoring Report.

The Supervisor Monitoring Report displays details about who barged the call, how long they monitored the call as well as count of other agents on the call.

Metric Name Definition
Started Time The time and date the barge started.
Ended Time The time and date the barge ended.
Monitoring Duration The amount of time the supervisor monitored the call.
Hold Duration The sum of time (in seconds) the barging supervisor placed a consumer on hold during an interaction. Values will only appear if the supervisor puts the consumer on hold.
Supervisor's Name The name of the supervisor who barged the call.
Count of Other Agents The unique number of agents, other than the supervisor, that were conferenced into the entire call.
Interaction ID The unique identifier of the barging supervisor's interaction.
Call ID The unique identifier of the entire call.