The CCAI Platform is able to integrate with Freshdesk CRM Customer Engagement Center.

  • Automatic CRM record updates through seamless real-time data exchange, which significantly reduces handle times and post-call work for agents.

  • Call records, chat transcripts, consumer uploaded media files, and any pass through custom data.

  • CCAI Platform agent call and chat adapters are available via login to the CCAI Platform Portal. Includes support of UJET's SmartActions for IVR and mobile calls, featuring user authentication, screenshots, parallel SMS messaging, and real-time multimedia sharing.

Feature availability

Feature Availability
Acqueon Integration Future feature
SmartActions Supported
Custom Field Mapping Future feature
CSAT by IVR Supported
Custom Callback Number Supported
User Segment DAP Supported
API DAP (Basic Auth) Supported
API Batching Not planned currently
Custom contact field matching Not supported yet
Click to Call Unable to support due to CRM restriction
Default Admin User Supported
Flexible Outbound Calling Supported
Secondary account lookup Unable to support due to CRM restriction
IVR API lookup Not supported yet
Chat transcription attachment Supported

Retrieve your Freshdesk API Key

In this section, we will guide you to set up an initial connection between CCAI Platform and Freshdesk by finding the required subdomain information and adding it into the CCAI Platform Portal Developer Settings.


  • Account with Administrator access in Freshdesk
  1. Log into Freshdesk using an account with Administrator permissions.

  2. Click on your profile picture in the upper right and select Profile Settings from the dropdown.

  3. The Your API Key field is displayed on the right-side of the Profile Settings screen.

  4. Copy the API Key.

Configure Freshdesk in developer settings


  • Your API Key from Freshdesk

  • User with Admin role assigned in the CCAI Platform Portal to access Developer Settings

  1. In the CCAI Platform Portal, go to Settings > Developer Settings > CRM

  2. Select Freshdesk as the Agent Platform.

  3. In the Freshdesk subdomain field, enter the subdomain for your Freshdesk CRM (

  4. Paste the API key from Freshdesk in the API Key field.

  5. Use the Phone Number Format dropdown to select the format used for phone number lookups and how the phone number is formatted in the Freshdesk record. Available options are:

    Automatic: Create: +1 222 333 4444, Search: *222*333*4444

    E.164: +12223334444

    US Local: 2223334444

    US local standard: (111) 222-3333

    International: +1 222 333 4444

  6. Select the Attach session metadata files to CRM records option to include the session metadata file as part of the record in Freshdesk.

  7. The session metadata file includes detailed information about a session and is sent approximately 15 minutes after the session is ended as a JSON file.

  8. For more information, please see Session Metadata File.

  9. Click Save.