CCAI Insights integration

Contact Center AI Insights helps you detect and visualize patterns in your contact center data. Understanding conversational data drives business value, improves operational efficiency, and provides a voice for customer feedback.

You can use CCAI Insights to analyze conversation data in order to:

  • Run machine learning analytics to gain additional information such as agent and caller sentiment, entity identification, and call topics. Automatically identify interesting interactions in need of further review.

  • Review a conversation with audio playback, transcript synchronization and analytics annotations.

CCAI Insights seamlessly integrates with other products, allowing you to import conversations from Dialogflow and Agent Assist.


  • Enable CCAI Insights on a google Cloud Platform project. As a part of the process you must also enable the Dialogflow, Speech-to-Text, and Cloud Storage APIs. You can either use a pre-existing Cloud Storage bucket or create a new one.

(Optional) Configure a new Google Cloud Storage account

Follow these instructions if you are configuring a new google Cloud Storage account. If you are using a pre-existing account, you can skip to the following section.

  1. GCS Bucket Name: Enter your GCS bucket name.

  2. Service Account Key: Drop service account key (JSON). To upload a key you will need a JSON service account key from your Service account. For more information on creating (and downloading) a service account key see the Google IAM documentation.

  3. Browse your files > Folder Path: Enter the path to your Google Cloud Storage bucket to connect your data to the CCAI Insights. For more information on using variables in this folder path see the Developer Settings documentation.

  4. File destinations: Voice and chat preview file paths will be generated based on your folder path entered above.

  5. Click Save.

Enable CCAI Insights

  1. Go to Developer Settings > CCAI Insights and click on Setup Insights.

  2. Toggle CCAI Insights to On to enable it.

  3. CCAI Project ID: Enter your CCAI project ID.

  4. Region: Select the your desired region from the dropdown. Currently only us-central1.

  5. Send call recordings: Toggle On to send call recordings to CCAI Insights. These will be sent as mp3 files.

  6. Send chat transcripts: Toggle On to send chat transcripts to CCAI Insights. These will be sent as JSON files.

  7. Server Setup: Select Existing Google Storage.

View CCAI Insights data

After your conversation data has been uploaded, you can view your CCAI Insights data in the CCAI Insights Console.