Send SMS to launch SmartActions

Send SMS to launch App for SmartActions during an IVR call


SmartActions (receiving photos, videos, screenshots, verifying customers, and receiving text input) are not typically available during an IVR call.

You can prompt the end-user to launch their app for your company.

Once the app is installed and launched, you can use these SmartActions with a customer during an IVR call.


  • In Call SMS is configured.

  • The caller has downloaded the app, if not send them a text message to download the app.

How to send app open and download text messages

  1. Log in to the Agent Adapter.

  2. Accept Call: Clicking on the desktop notification will accept the call.


  3. Accept Call: Clicking Click To Answer will accept the call.

  4. Click the Actions button to present options for sending SMS to open or download your app.

  5. If the end-user doesn't have your app, click Send SMS to Install App to send them an app installation link.

  6. If the end-user has downloaded your app, click Send SMS to Open App to send an SMS link to open the app.

  7. Confirmations appear next to the SMS request you have sent.

  8. Once the app is opened, the customer name/ID will sync to the widget.

  9. Once the app is opened, SmartActions are now available during your IVR call.