Handling Chats

Handling Chats in the CCAI Platform Adapter


Chat agents can answer one or more chats in the CCAI Platform Adapter. Depending on your specific configuration, your CRM should show you the corresponding ticket or case of the chat you have displayed on the Adapter.

Answering and handling chats

Depending on your company's configuration, you might be able to take only one chat at a time or several.

  1. When a chat comes in, you should see a browser notification. Clicking the notification will answer the chat. If you don't see this notification, check your microphone and notification permissions.

  2. On the chat adapter, if you haven't clicked on the notification, you can click on the new chat highlighted in red on the left.

  3. Once you answer, you can click on the arrow next to the chat user's name for more options like Transfer, adding someone to the chat, or ending the chat.

  4. You can also begin to type a message in the bottom text bar where it says Type message.

  5. To enter a line break, use shift + return.

  6. To send a chat, press the enter key.

  7. If you need to go on break or can't take any more chats beside the ones you are currently handling, click on the status dropdown to change your next status. This status will be used once all your current chats have ended.

  8. When you are finished with the chat, you can use the options menu above to end the chat, or allow the consumer to end the chat.

Using chat shortcuts

Shortcuts are input by Managers or Admins and available to all Chat agents. For additional shortcuts, reach out to your supervisor.

  1. Click Chat Shortcuts to see a full list of shortcuts available. This will open in a new browser tab.

  2. Typing a forward slash "/" followed by a shortcut keyword to populate a chat shortcut. Click on the chat shortcut or press return/enter on your keyboard to select it. Press escape to cancel using the shortcut.

Handling Chat FAQs

Q: I thought I had a new chat but I went to pick it up and I wasn't able to answer it.

A: Since chats are sometimes offered to all agents assigned to the queue at one time, sometimes your teammate might have clicked to answer the chat before you.

Q: Why can my teammate take more/fewer chats than me?

A: Chat threshold can be set per-agent, so ask your supervisor about this setting.

Q: Can I use emojis?

A: Yes! The shortcut for emojis for Mac (CTR + CMD + SPACE) and PC (Press Windows + ; (semi-colon) or Windows + . (period)) to access the emoji keyboard.

Q: Can I make the chat Adapter bigger?

A: At this time, the adapter is only available in the original size.