Getting Started for Agents

User Profile and Password Setup


As an Agent, you will most likely be using CCAI Platform from within your CRM. If you need to change your password or profile information, you can do this from the CCAI Platform Portal.

The below steps cover the login flow for companies that are not using a Single Sign-On integration. If you see a different button on this login page, please use the provided service.

  1. Navigate to your company's CCAI Platform page. The link was provided in your original invite email, or you can ask your manager if you're unsure.

  2. Enter your agent email to login. This email MUST match the email you use for your CRM login credentials.

  3. Enter your password.

  4. Click Login to will log into your company's CCAI Platform portal.

  5. Click the phone icon to open the call adapter to take calls.

  6. Click Forgot Password to send password reset instructions to your agent email. Note: The Link in the Password reset email will remain active for 24 hours. If that link expires restart the process at Step 1.

  7. Click the Chat icon to open up the chat adapter to take chats.

  8. Click the Agent profile to view/edit your agent profile page or to Log out.

Updating profile information

When chatting with a consumer, your profile image and first name will appear to the consumer. In some cases, you are able to change and upload your own profile image. In other cases, this is controlled by your company.

  1. Agent > My Profile: Clicking will take you to your edit agent profile page

  2. Profile Photo: Your current agent photo. This may not be editable based on your company's settings.

  3. Select a file to upload: Click Choose File to search for a new agent photo.

  4. Upload Photo: Click to upload and save your new agent photo

  5. First Name: This first name your managers and consumers see.

  6. Last Name: The surname your manager will see - consumers may see your first initial.

  7. Email Address: Your agent login email.

  8. Verify Current Password: Enter your current password to change it.

  9. Update: Saves Steps 5-7.

  10. New Password: Enter your new password.

  11. Confirm New Password: Retype your new password.

  12. Update: Saves Steps 9-11.

Password Security

Passwords are compared against a database of breached passwords and an error message is displayed if you are using a previously compromised password.

Error Message: Password has previously appeared in a data breach and should not be used

Logging in to the CCAI Platform Portal


  • Chrome browser is up to date.

  • Do not use full-screen mode in Chrome as it will disable browser notifications.

  • Allow CCAI Platform notifications:

    Use your Microphone (Mic access)

    Show Notifications

  • Disable ad blockers: 3rd party ad blockers will restrict the adapter from functioning.

How to Log In

  1. Microphone permission: Click Allow to enable microphone use to talk to customers.

  2. Notification permission: Click Allow to enable desktop notifications for incoming calls/chats/voicemails.

  3. Agent adapter: Click on the phone or chat icon to open the call/chat widgets.

  4. Email/Password: Login to CCAI Platform with your agent email and password from your activation email received.

  5. Login: Click to login after entering agent email and password.

  6. Forgot Password: Click to send an email for password change instructions to your work email.