Consumer Management

Consumer Management

Consumer Privacy

You can remove call or chat data to ensure consumer privacy. When a new session starts between a consumer and an agent, a CCAI Platform ID is created. Use this ID to remove the data.

  1. Go to Settings > Consumer Management > Consumer Privacy.

  2. Enter each CCAI Platform ID and separate the IDs with a comma or a space.

  3. Click Delete to confirm the consumer data is made private, and click Clear to reset the list of IDs entered.

Phone Number Blocklist

Adding a number here will prevent this Call or SMS from being handled. The phone number entered will be applied for Calls (IVR) and SMS Channels.

Add Phone Number

::: warning Add the Country Code to ensure the phone number will be blocked. :::

  1. Go to Settings > Consumer Management > Phone Number Blocklist.

  2. Click + Add Phone Number.

    Duplicate numbers present an error message.

  3. Enter the Phone Number (include the country code).

  4. Click Save.

To remove a phone number from the list, click the X.