Agent Stats in the Adapter

Agent Stats in the Adapter for Chat


Agent stats allow users logged into the CCAI Platform Adapter to easily see their call and chats stats for the day compared to the entire team average.

Viewing chat stats

The "Stats" button is available in the bottom left corner of the Agent Adapter, and is available to agents in all statuses except "in-chat".

  1. Click Stats to see your agent stat overview for today.

  2. Your Stats/Team Average: Blue denotes your stats and gray denotes your team's stat average. Your team is dictated by the same queue assignments - so if you are assigned to a queue and agent 2 is assigned to a queue, Agent 2's stats would be included in the team average.

  3. Chats Answered: Shows the number of chats you've answered today.

  4. Average Duration: Shows the average handle time of your chat interactions for today.

  5. CSAT: Shows your average customer rating for today (CSAT can only be given if your company is using CCAI Platform for CSAT).