Migrate from AWS to Google Cloud: Get started

Last reviewed 2023-05-19 UTC

Google Cloud provides tools, products, guidance, and professional services to help you migrate workloads, data, and processes from Amazon Web Services (AWS) to Google Cloud. This document introduces a discussion about how to design, implement, and validate a plan to migrate from AWS to Google Cloud.

The discussion is intended for cloud administrators who want details about how to plan and implement a migration process. It's also intended for decision-makers who are evaluating the opportunity to migrate and who want to explore what migration looks like.

This document is part of a multi-part series about migrating from AWS to Google Cloud that includes the following documents:

Migrating your workloads, data, and processes from AWS to Google Cloud can be a challenging task and can take days, weeks, or months to complete, depending on the scope and size of the migration. Therefore, we recommend that you plan and execute your migration carefully.

AWS and Google Cloud products that target similar use cases might seem similar in the way you provision, configure, and use the resources that they provide. However, despite similarities, these resources might differ significantly in the way they work and in their requirements. We therefore recommend that you assess the ways in which similar AWS and Google Cloud resources work before you plan your migration.

This series provides guidance about the following migration journeys:

We also recommend that you design and implement proofs of concept to validate your migration plans and to gather experience. For more information, see Migrate to Google Cloud: Assess and discover your workloads.

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