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Security Foundation

Google recommended cloud-first security products and capabilities to help you achieve a strong security posture and protections for your Google Cloud environment. 


Achieve a strong security posture on Google Cloud

Easily consume security capabilities

Easily adopt Google Cloud recommended products and security capabilities that help achieve a strong security posture for your cloud environment.

Guide with security best practices

The solution aligns with Google Cloud security best practices to help meet your security and compliance objectives as you deploy workloads on Google Cloud.

Supports key cloud adoption use cases

Provides security controls you need for data protection, network security, security monitoring, and much more to help make your deployments secure.

New customers get $300 in free credits to spend on Google Cloud. 

Key features

A solution approach to help address your security needs

Enterprise foundations blueprint alignment

Prescriptive guidance with products and capabilities aligned to Google Cloud security best practices using the enterprise foundations blueprint guide and deployable terraform assets.

Comprehensive security controls for cloud

Provides a comprehensive set of security products to address specific use cases in data protection, network security, security monitoring, and much more in the enterprise journey toward cloud adoption and modernizing workloads.

Security suite overview

Google Cybersecurity Action Team validation

Our Google Cybersecurity Action Team (GCAT) reviewed and validated the solution and its product components to help you know you are applying best practices and robust security controls in your security transformation journey. 

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What's in it

The solution includes a foundational set of products across IAM, data security, network security, sovereignty & compliance, and security monitoring.