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Cloud App Modernization Program (CAMP)

CAMP has been designed as an end-to-end framework to help guide organizations through their modernization journey by assessing where they are today and identifying their most effective path forward. 


Common patterns for modernization

App Mod efforts fall into three common categories and CAMP provides customers with best practices and tooling for each in addition to assessments that guide them on where to start.

Move and improve

Analyze, categorize, and get started with cloud migration on traditional workloads.

Explore modernization options for traditional applications like Java and .NET.

Move your containers into Google's managed container services for a more stable and flexible experience.

Learn about tools and migration options for modernizing your existing platforms.

Adapt to changing market needs while leveraging legacy systems.

Learn how to connect legacy and modern services seamlessly.

Move on from proprietary mainframes and innovate with cloud-native services. 

Learn about Google's automated tools and prescriptive guidance for moving to the cloud.

Build and operate

Optimize your application development environment, improve your software delivery with modern CI/CD, and secure your software supply chain.

Learn about modern and secure cloud-based software development environments. 

Achieve elite performance in your software development and delivery.

Learn about industry best practices that can help improve your technical and cultural capabilities to drive improved performance. 

Strike the balance between speed and reliability with proven SRE principals.

Learn how Google Cloud helps you implement SRE principles through tooling, professional services, and other resources.

Simplify your GKE platform operations and build an effective strategy for managing and monitoring activities.

Learn how to create a unified approach for managing all of your GKE clusters for reduced risk and increased efficiency. 

Continuously deliver business value by running reliable, performant, and cost efficient applications on GKE.

Learn how to make signal driven decisions and scale your GKE clusters based on actual usage and industry best practices.

Cloud and beyond

Use Google's hardware agnostic edge solution to deploy and govern consistent, localized, and low latency applications.

Learn how to enhance your customer experience and employee productivity using an edge strategy.

Manage workloads across multiple clouds with a consistent platform. 

Learn how Google allows for a flexible approach to multicloud environments for container management and application delivery.

Easily build enterprise grade applications with Google Cloud Serverless technologies.

Learn how to use tools like Cloud Build, Cloud Run, Cloud Functions, and more to speedup your application delivery. 

Leverage API life cycle management to support new business growth and empower your ecosystem.

Learn about usage of APIs as a power tool for a flexible and expandable modern application environment. 

Guided assessments

DevOps best practices

Compare your DevOps capabilities to that of the industry based on the DORA research and find out how to improve.  

Learn about the DORA research and contact us to see if a DevOps assessment is right for you. 

Modernizing traditional apps

Platform owners can leverage our fit assessment tool to  evaluate large VMware workloads and determine if they are good candidates for containerization. 

Learn about mFit and Google cloud's container migration options and schedule a consultation with us to review your strategy.  

This code level analysis of your traditional applications allows you to identify your best per application modernization approach.   

Learn more about CAST and contact us to see if this is the right assessment for you.

Modernizing mainframe platforms

This assessment is designed to help customers build a financial and strategic plan for their migration based on complexity, risk and cost for each application.

Learn about this survey based application level assessment and contact us to start your mainframe migration today. 

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Our partners

To help facilitate our customers' modernization journey, Google works closely with a set of experienced partners globally.