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Device Connect for Fitbit

Enable a more holistic view of patients with connected Fitbit data on Google Cloud.

  • Simplify patient enrollment and consent

  • Enable data interoperability

  • Accelerate time to insights


Enable a more holistic view of the patient

Device Connect for Fitbit can solve data integration challenges for Fitbit and other data with an open, standards-based approach.

Help increase care team efficiency

Better device interoperability can accelerate time to insight for care teams to help increase productivity, ease workloads and reduce burnout.

Support more personalized care for better outcomes

Device Connect for Fitbit can empower the healthcare ecosystem with visibility to rich patient data to better understand what’s driving variability in outcomes and help deliver more personalized care.

Key features

Google Cloud's Device Connect for Fitbit

The pre-built patient enrollment and consent app enables organizations to provide their users with the permissions, transparency, and frictionless experience they expect. For example, users have control over what data they share and how that data is used.

Fitbit data connector

Open source data connector that provides automated data normalization and integration with Google Cloud BigQuery for advanced analytics.  Can support emerging standards like Open mHealth and enables interoperability with clinical data when used with Cloud Healthcare API for cohort building and AI training pipelines.

Pre-built analytics dashboard

The pre-built Looker interactive visualization dashboard can be easily customized for different clinical settings and use cases to provide faster time to insights.

AI and machine learning tools

Use AutoML Tables to build advanced models directly from BigQuery or build custom models with 80% fewer lines of code using Vertex AI–the groundbreaking ML tools that power Google, developed by Google Research. 

Google Cloud and Fitbit logo
Haga Teaching Hospital

"Collaborating with Google Cloud allows us to do our research [on early identification and prevention of vascular disease], with the help of data analytics and AI, on a much greater scale. Being able to leverage the new solution makes it easier than ever to gain the insights we need."

Dr. Ivo van der Bilt, Cardiologist Department Chair, Haga Teaching Hospital

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Use cases

Make your Fitbit data accessible, interoperable, and useful

Use case
Pre- and post-surgery

Supporting the patient journey before and after surgery can lead to higher patient engagement and more successful outcomes. However, many organizations lack a holistic view of patients.

Fitbit tracks multiple behavioral metrics of interest, including activity level, sleep, weight and stress, and can provide visibility and new insights for care teams to what’s happening with patients outside of the hospital.

Use case
Chronic condition management

Promoting healthy behaviors can help improve outcomes for patients living with chronic diseases.

Better understanding how lifestyle factors impact disease indicators can enable organizations to deliver more personalized care and tools to support healthy lifestyle changes. 

Use case
Population health

Support better management of community health outcomes with a focus on preventative care.

Fitbit users can share data with partners that deliver lifestyle behavior change programs aimed at both prevention and management of chronic or acute conditions.

Use case
Clinical research

Clinical trials depend on rich patient data. Collection in a physician’s office captures a snapshot of the participant’s data at one point in time and doesn’t account for daily lifestyle variables. 

Fitbit can enrich clinical trial endpoints with new insights from longitudinal lifestyle data and can improve patient retention and compliance with study protocols.

Use case
Health equity

Addressing healthcare disparities is a priority across the healthcare ecosystem. Analyzing a variety of datasets, such as demographic, social determinants of health (SDOH) and Fitbit data, has the potential to provide organizations and researchers with new insights regarding disparities that may exist across populations.



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