5 ways Google can help you succeed in the hybrid and multicloud world

Drive transformation with Google's multicloud solutions

We offer you the flexibility to migrate, build, and optimize apps across hybrid and multicloud environments while minimizing vendor lock-in, leveraging best-in-breed solutions, and meeting regulatory requirements.

How Google's multicloud solutions are unleashing your business potential

Manage apps and data anywhere

Google Cloud empowers you to quickly build new apps and modernize existing ones to increase your agility and reap the benefits of the multicloud. We offer a consistent platform and data analysis for your deployments no matter where they reside, along with a service-centric view of all your environments.


Anthos increases platform operations efficiency by up to 55%

Source: Forrester 


Looker supports 50+ distinct SQL dialects across multiple clouds


Save 26%–34% on your total cost of ownership over a 3-year period

Sources: Looker, ESG report

Break down silos and uncover new insights

Process and analyze petabytes of data on a highly scalable, cost-effective and secure data warehouse solution across clouds. Serve up real-time dashboards for more in-depth, consistent analysis and harness the power of our industry-leading AI & ML services for improved business outcomes.

Accelerate application delivery

Build enterprise-grade containerized applications faster with best-in-class managed Kubernetes and serverless platform on cloud and on-premises environments. You can build a fast, scalable software delivery pipeline no matter where you run by seamlessly implementing DevOps and SRE practices with cloud-native tooling and expert guidance from Google.

Accelerate app development and delivery: The modern way

No. 1

Contributor to CNCF Open Source projects

Source: Stackalytics

Scale with open, flexible technology

Google is one of the largest contributors to the open source ecosystem. We work with the open source community to develop well known open source technologies like Kubernetes, then roll these out as managed services to give users maximum choice and increase your IT investments’ longevity and survivability.  

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"Overall, Google is making a lot of progress in multicloud, which allows you to not have to think about the vendor and just adopt what you need to do the job well. "

Dave Johnson, VP of Informatics, Data Science, and AI at Moderna

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Use the best of both worlds

When you use Google Cloud and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) together, you can build a multicloud solution that harnesses the unique capabilities of each platform. Our whitepaper explains how to connect these clouds together to create a robust, multicloud, Oracle environment.

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Make the most of multicloud with Google Cloud and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

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