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Telecom Network Automation

Google Cloud’s implementation of Nephio delivers simple, carrier grade, cloud-native automation. It supports the creation of intent driven networks.

  • Ready to use cloud-native automation for telecom networks

  • Quickly deploy cloud to edge networking infrastructure

  • Automate the life cycle of cloud infrastructure and multi vendor network functions at scale

  • Leverage pre-validated cloud-native automation blueprints 


Consistency at scale

Manage network infrastructure and 3rd-party functions using a cloud-native automation framework and a singular intent-driven Kubernetes approach. No need for additional out-of-band automation software.

Do more with less

Reduce infrastructure and network function operation efforts by delegating cumbersome configuration management to Kubernetes operators.

Always on

Increase network availability through analytics services and automated control-loops that improve scalability, resiliency and reduce maintenance downtimes.

Key features

Key Features

Toil-free intent deployments

Accelerate cloud-native infrastructure configuration and network function deployments using intent blueprints.

RAN to core, edge to cloud consistent operations

Operate your various network domains using a common control-plane and a singular intent-driven Kubernetes approach.

Control-loop peace of mind

Move away from a "fire and forget" configuration - Telecom Network Automation leverages analytics services, Kubernetes control-loop and operators to ensure your configuration state is maintained, and configuration directs automatically corrected.

CICD and version control made easy

Telecom Network Automation embeds a CICD pipeline coupled with a configuration-as-data approach to simplify the readability, versioning and updates of configurations at scale. 

Open framework for interoperability

Use common industry Kubernetes CRD and operators to simplify network function and cloud infrastructure interoperability.

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Use cases

Use cases

Use case
Architectural view

Telecom Network Automation unlocks the efficiency and scalability of the cloud, accelerates network modernization, simplifies operations, and alleviates cross-vendor interoperability issues.

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