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Security and resilience framework

Help ensure continuity and protect your business against adverse cyber events by using our comprehensive suite of security and resilience solutions.

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Comprehensive solutions for every phase of the security and resilience lifecycle

Help protect critical assets in cloud and on-premise

Assess risk to your critical assets and improve resilience on-premise or by migrating to Google Cloud.

Modernize your security protections

From securing software supply chains to transforming with Zero Trust architectures to threat-hunting at scale, our solutions help protect you from threats and maintain continuous operations.

Enable rapid recovery wherever your assets reside

Recover from security incidents like ransomware in minutes, not days or weeks.

Key features

Our solutions address each phase of the cybersecurity lifecycle

Our solutions address business continuity, secure software supply chains, zero trust, advanced security operations, rapid recovery, and more.


Our Risk Assessment & Critical Asset Discovery solution evaluates your organization’s current IT risk, identifies where your critical assets reside, and provides recommendations for improving your security posture and resilience. Once on Google Cloud, you can leverage Risk Manager to continuously evaluate risk and our Risk Protection Program to qualify for cyber insurance.


Leverage the security that thousands of customers rely on to help protect their organizations with our solutions for Secure Software Supply Chain, Data Protection, and Zero Trust.


Our Autonomic Security Operations (ASO) solution delivers exceptional threat management delivered through a modern, Google Cloud-native stack, and includes deep, rich integrations with third-party tools and a powerful engine to create connective tissue and stitch your defenses together. Achieve operational fusion across your cyber, fraud, compliance, and business teams.


Our Autonomic Security Operations solution also enables threat hunting, integrated threat intelligence, and playbook automation through SOAR partnerships to manage incidents from identification to resolution.


Recover from a ransomware attack and resume daily operations within minutes. Google’s Actifio Go solution can improve the resilience of all your on-premise and Google Cloud assets. 

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