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Autonomic Security Operations

Exceptional threat management through a modern, Cloud-native stack. Deep integrations with third party tools and a powerful engine to create connective tissue and stitch your defenses together.


An adaptive, agile, and highly automated approach to threat management

Accelerated transformation

Workshops, technical content, products, integrations, and blueprints designed to help you kick-start your modernization journey to a state of autonomic security operations.

Increase business agility

Intelligent data fusion, continuous IoC matching, sub-second petabyte scale queries, and modern YARA-L detection to conduct plaid-speed management of threats at a disruptive cost and massive scale.

Maximize use-case coverage

Hunt for APTs, detect ransomware, investigate network anomalies, identify fraud signals, or partner with expert MSSPs. Through a transformative onboarding experience, we’ll meet you where your risks are.

Ready to transform your SOC or partner with an expert MSSP. Contact us.

Key features

Stack your defenses to manage modern threats at Cloud-scale.

Modern threat management stack

Petabyte-scale detection in Chronicle. Industry leading data lake powered by BigQuery. Rich, compelling analytics via Looker. Deep extensibility to a rich ecosystem of integrations. Managed by Google Cloud.

Radical insight

Search, visualize, analyze, and build synergy across your security use cases on a deeply interoperable and semantically aware analytics engine

Partner with Google Cloud

We take a hands-on approach to transforming your Security Operations team to adapt to the growing needs of your organization. Take advantage of our planet-scale infrastructure and extensive security backbone to pioneer threat management together.

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See how customers are reducing costs and increasing SOC analyst output


Modernize Security Operations with our preferred partners

Our deep network of highly-specialized global and regional partners can support you in your journey to modernizing Security Operations.

For large enterprises with in-house Security Operations teams that need transformation partners to provide hands-on consulting, engineering, and operations support.

For organizations that don't have an extensive Security Operations footprint and need to purchase an MSSP.

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Explore common use cases for Autonomic Security Operations

Google Cloud Basics
Supported data sets in Chronicle

Chronicle can ingest raw logs from different companies, protocols, systems, and equipment. This document describes the currently supported data sets.

Best Practice
MITRE ATT&CK mapping of Google Cloud logs

The tool helps you by mapping out threat tactics and techniques from the popular MITRE ATT&CK® threat model to the specific Google Cloud log types(s).

Overview of the YARA-L 2.0 language

YARA-L 2.0 is a computer language used to create rules for searching through your enterprise log data as it is ingested into your Chronicle account.

Google Cloud Basics
Supported default parsers

Parsers normalize raw log data into structured Unified Data Model format. This section lists devices, and ingestion labels, that have a default parser.