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Network Intelligence Center

Single console for Google Cloud network observability, monitoring, and troubleshooting. Reduce the risk of outages and ensure security and compliance.

  • Design and implement robust network observability strategies with these five modules

  • Proactively detect network problems or miconfigurations without manual intervention

  • Explore the latest news, articles, and videos for Network Intelligence Center and its features


Diagnose connectivity issues and prevent outages

Network Intelligence Center provides unmatched visibility into your network in the cloud along with proactive network verification.

Improve network security and compliance

Verify network security and compliance through a series of connectivity checks. Tighten your security boundaries with insights into firewall rules usage.

Save time with intelligent monitoring

Monitor real-time performance metrics and easily visualize network health. Proactively prevent network outages and performance issues resulting from mis- or suboptimal configurations.

Key features

Key features

Network Topology

Visualize the topology of your Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) networks, hybrid connectivity to and from your on-premises networks, connectivity to Google-managed services, and the associated metrics.

Connectivity Tests

Diagnostics tool that lets you check connectivity between network endpoints like a source or destination of network traffic, such as a VM, GKE cluster, load balancer forwarding rule, or an IP address on the internet.

Performance Dashboard

Visibility into the performance of the entire Google Cloud network and to the performance of your project's resources.

Firewall Insights

Provides data about how firewall rules are being used, exposes misconfigurations, and identifies rules that could be made more strict.

Network Analyzer

Automatically monitors your VPC network configurations and detects misconfigurations and suboptimal configurations. Identifies failures caused by the underlying network, provides root cause information, and suggests possible resolutions.

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"Network Intelligence Center has transformed how we optimize our network operations. Using Network Intelligence Center we discovered that data transferred to a particular compute engine region was significantly higher than expected. Network Topology helped us diagnose and fix this issue—and significantly reduce costs."

Rob Lyon, Enterprise Architect, Kochava, a mobile app analytics company



Pricing for Network Intelligence Center varies by module.