Monitoring and logging resources

Last reviewed 2024-04-24 UTC

The Architecture Center provides content resources across a wide variety of monitoring and logging subjects.

Monitoring and logging resources in the Architecture Center

You can filter the following list of monitoring and logging resources by typing a product name or a phrase that's in the resource title or description.

Automate malware scanning for files uploaded to Cloud Storage

Best practices and reference architectures for VPC design

Best practices for operating containers

Cloud Monitoring metric export

Configuring SaaS data protection for Google Workspace data with Spin.AI

Cost optimization for Google Cloud Observability

Disaster recovery planning guide

Hybrid and multicloud monitoring and logging patterns

Import logs from Cloud Storage to Cloud Logging

Logging and monitoring on-premises resources with BindPlane

Migrate to Google Cloud

Patterns for scalable and resilient apps

PCI Data Security Standard compliance

Scenarios for exporting Cloud Logging: Compliance requirements

Security log analytics in Google Cloud

Serverless web performance monitoring using Cloud Functions

Stream logs from Google Cloud to Splunk

Use distributed tracing to observe microservice latency