Application development resources

Last reviewed 2024-04-05 UTC

The Architecture Center provides content resources across a wide variety of application development subjects.

Application development resources in the Architecture Center

You can filter the following list of application development resources by typing a product name or a phrase that's in the resource title or description.

Apache Guacamole on GKE and Cloud SQL

Application deployment and testing strategies

Architecture decision records overview

Architecture for MLOps using TensorFlow Extended, Vertex AI Pipelines, and Cloud Build

Architectures for high availability of MySQL clusters on Compute Engine

Authenticating users to Firestore with Identity Platform and Google identities

Authenticating workforce users in a hybrid environment

Automate malware scanning for files uploaded to Cloud Storage

Automating cost optimizations with Cloud Functions, Cloud Scheduler, and Cloud Monitoring

Best practices and reference architectures for VPC design

Best practices for building containers

Best practices for mobile game online architectures on Google Cloud

Best practices for operating containers

Best practices for running cost-optimized Kubernetes applications on GKE

Build a hybrid render farm

Build hybrid and multicloud architectures using Google Cloud

Building a serverless DevOps pipeline for Salesforce with Cloud Build

Building internet connectivity for private VMs

Centralized network appliances on Google Cloud

CI/CD pipeline for developing and delivering containerized apps

Cloud Monitoring metric export

Configuring SaaS data protection for Google Workspace data with Spin.AI

Connect Google Virtual Private Clouds to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure using Equinix

Connected device architectures on Google Cloud

Controls to restrict access to individually approved APIs

Cost optimization for Google Cloud Observability

Customizing Cloud Logging logs for Google Kubernetes Engine with Fluentd

Deploy an Active Directory forest on Compute Engine

Deploy an enterprise developer platform on Google Cloud

Deploying containerized workloads to Slurm on Compute Engine

Design secure deployment pipelines

DevOps capabilities

Disaster recovery planning guide

Distributed load testing using Google Kubernetes Engine

Elastically scaling your MySQL environment

File storage on Compute Engine

From edge to mesh: Expose service mesh applications through GKE Gateway

GKE Enterprise reference architecture: Google Distributed Cloud Virtual for Bare Metal

Global load-balancing architectures using DNS routing policies

Google Workspace Backup with

Hub-and-spoke network architecture

Hybrid and multicloud architecture patterns

Hybrid and multicloud monitoring and logging patterns

Hybrid and multicloud secure networking architecture patterns

Identify and prioritize security risks with Wiz Security Graph and Google Cloud

Image processing using microservices and asynchronous messaging

Implementing Binary Authorization using Cloud Build and GKE

Implementing Cloud Run canary deployments with Git branches and Cloud Build

Infrastructure for a RAG-capable generative AI application using GKE

Introduction to microservices

Jump Start Solution: Deploy a Java application using Compute Engine

Jump Start Solution: Dynamic web application with Java

Jump Start Solution: Dynamic web application with JavaScript

Jump Start Solution: Dynamic web application with Python and JavaScript

Jump Start Solution: Ecommerce platform with serverless computing

Jump Start Solution: Ecommerce web app deployed on Kubernetes

Jump Start Solution: Large data sharing Go web app

Jump Start Solution: Large data sharing Java web app

Jump Start Solution: Stateful app with zero downtime deployment on Compute Engine

Jump Start Solution: Stateful app with zero downtime deployment on GKE

Jump Start Solution: Three-tier web app

Logging and monitoring on-premises resources with BindPlane

Migrate containers to Google Cloud: Migrate Kubernetes to GKE