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Why Google Cloud

There has never been a more exciting time in technology. We are experiencing one of the most significant shifts in history, where AI is creating entirely new ways to solve problems, engage customers, and work more efficiently. Google Cloud is ready to help organizations build a new way forward in an increasingly AI-driven world.

Welcome to the new way to cloud

Want more than the status quo? Only Google Cloud brings together innovations from across Google to help customers digitally transform with AI that’s ready for what’s next, data insights that speed innovation, infrastructure that’s designed to meet industry needs, collaboration tools that help teams do their best work, and security that can proactively stop threats.

Explore the new way

It's time for a new way of working

Raise your AI game

The world is buzzing about generative AI. Now what? Get everyone in your organization learning, building with, and deploying generative AI—all while keeping your data confidential. Kickstart your journey today with enterprise-ready generative AI solutions.

Put your data to work

Bring the simplicity, scale, security, and intelligence of Google’s information approach to your organization. Google offers a complete data foundation to unify all workloads and manage the entire data life cycle. The solution is designed to run data anywhere, so you can leverage your data across all clouds, on-premises, and access it in the most popular SaaS apps. This solution is built with and for AI, so you can get the latest tools for machine learning analysis, prompting, tuning, training, and deploying custom foundation models—all connected to your business data.

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Partners and software integrations in our data and AI ecosystem


Languages translated in just a few clicks with Translation Hub


Of generative AI unicorns are Google Cloud customers


TB of data per second analyzed by BigQuery customers

Duet AI in Google Cloud: the next frontier in AI-powered developer productivity

Modernize your infrastructure

You’re ready for AI, but is your cloud? Google Cloud helps developers build quickly, securely, and cost effectively with the next generation of modern infrastructure designed to meet specific workload and industry needs. Get infrastructure that's optimized for AI, container-based applications, traditional enterprise workloads, and high-performance, distributed workloads—all while helping to cut costs and your carbon footprint.

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Create a culture of innovation

Empower teams of all sizes to do their best work—anywhere, and across a variety of devices. Google Workspace brings together innovative tools preferred by the modern workforce for collaboration and creation, including Gmail, Google Chat, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Meet. And, we’ve embedded new, easy-to-use generative AI features to help supercharge team productivity. With more than 3 billion monthly active users, Workspace offers the most popular productivity and collaboration software in the world.

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Explore the new era of work


Organizations get back to business quickly every year post-breach


Vulnerabilities found by Google in open source software projects


Sites protected by reCAPTCHA


Files and URLs analyzed in threat observatory platform VirusTotal

Get built-in security

Benefit from the same security capabilities that Google uses to keep more people and organizations safe online than anyone else. We help organizations transform their cybersecurity programs with frontline intelligence from Mandiant to understand the latest cyber attacks; a modern security operations platform for detecting, investigating, and responding to threats; and a secure-by-design, secure-by-default infrastructure platform with controls to help maintain digital sovereignty.

Strengthen security with AI

Work more sustainably

Decarbonize your digital infrastructure and increase climate resilience with features that help organizations go from ambition to action. Learn about applying technology to key challenges like responsible materials sourcing, climate risk analysis, and sustainable logistics.