New: Managed OpenShift service can now be procured from Google Cloud via OpenShift Dedicated in Marketplace.

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Red Hat Solutions on Google Cloud

Google and Red Hat provide an enterprise-grade platform for traditional on-prem and custom applications, with the familiarity of Red Hat, and the security, performance, scalability, and simplicity of Google Cloud.


Optimized for Google Cloud

Red Hat Enterprise Linux images are optimized to include drivers and configurations to benefit from Google Cloud infrastructure innovations (such as gVNIC for 200 Gbps bandwidth and jumbo frames or Hyperdisk Extreme with up to 500,000 IOPS). They use Red Hat Update Infrastructure deployed on Google Cloud's planet-scale, high performant, and highly reliable network, are thoroughly tested for Google Cloud, and include Compute Engine guest environment.

Integrated support

Red Hat Enterprise Linux comes with integrated support. With a valid Google Cloud support pack, cases involving Red Hat Enterprise Linux can be filed directly to Google Cloud Customer Care. You need not switch back and forth from Google Cloud to Red Hat to resolve issues and can rely on a single point of contact for support.

Migrate on-prem workloads to the cloud

Red Hat solutions enable customers to easily migrate existing on-prem workloads to Google Cloud by leveraging the familiarity of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, OpenShift, and Ansible Automation Platform—which are designed to support seamless operations across on-prem and cloud environments.


Leverage your existing subscriptions with Red Hat and bring your own subscriptions (BYOS) to save on license costs for your Red Hat deployments such as Red Hat Enterprise Linux, OpenShift, or Ansible in Google Cloud.

Procure from Google Cloud

You can procure Red Hat subscriptions from Google Cloud to optimize costs and draw down your existing Google Cloud spend commitments.

How It Works

Deploy your enterprise workloads with confidence in Google Cloud with Red Hat solutions.

Deploy your enterprise workloads with confidence in Google Cloud with Red Hat solutions.

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Red Hat solutions on Google Cloud

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