Architecture fundamentals

Last reviewed 2024-01-08 UTC

The Architecture Center provides content for a variety of technology categories, like AI and ML, application development, and big data. Use the resources listed on this page to get fundamental architectural guidance that's applicable to all the technology categories.

Architecture Framework
Provides best practices and recommendations to help you build well-architected cloud topologies that are secure, efficient, resilient, high-performing, and cost-effective.

Deployment archetypes
Provides an overview of the basic archetypes for building cloud architectures (zonal, regional, multi-regional, global, hybrid, and multicloud), and describes the use cases and design considerations for each archetype.

Landing zone design
Describes how to design and build a landing zone that includes identity onboarding, resource hierarchy, network design, and security controls.

Enterprise foundations blueprint
Provides guidance to help you design and build a cloud foundation that enables consistent governance, security controls, scale, visibility, and access for your enterprise workloads.