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Telecom Subscriber Insights

This product is geared to improve subscriber acquisition and retention for communication service providers. It ingests data from various sources, creates predictive models, uses AI to recommend offers, and presents offers to the subscribers' devices for activation.

  • Quick ingestion and normalization of data

  • Predictive telecom data models driven by AI

  • Contextual offers with a multitude of activation channels

  • Improved data efficiency


Increase subscriber engagement

Improve net promoter score by creating a holistic view of your subscribers.

Increase ARPU with upsell and cross-sell

Identify subscriber segments that are most receptive to defined offerings.

Retain subscribers

Increase prepaid to postpaid conversions and device upgrades.

Key features

Key features

Simplified data ingestion and normalization

Pre-built data adapters and tooling enable you to maximize the number of data sources. Targeted reach with activation using simplified onboarding and providing SDK for in application experience.

Subscriber acquisition modeling

Targeted reach with activation using simplified onboarding and providing SDK for in application experience.

Predictive intelligence

Predictive modeling enabled by AI refines recommendations and identifies subscribers with high risk of churn.

What's new


Telecom Subscriber Insights documentation

Product overview

Learn more about how Telecom Subscriber Insights enables communication service providers to extract information to recommend actions to telecom customers.

Product videos

Explore the different Telecom Subscriber Insights use cases including how to fast track your Google Cloud migration and provide customers with new services 

Use cases

Use cases

Use case
Subscriber life cycle

Helping CSPs use data and insights to drive greater engagement and sales across key subscriber moments.

Key subscriber moments
Use case
Architectural view

Building on Google Cloud's data and AI expertise.

Architecture of telecom subscriber insights



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