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Google Distributed Cloud

Deliver modern experiences at the edge: Google AI, security & open source

Build, deploy, and scale modern industry & public sector applications on-premise with AI ready modern infrastructure, ensure data security, and enable agile developer workflows across edge locations & data centers.

Extend Google Distributed Cloud’s infrastructure and services to the edge and your data centers.


Innovate faster with AI

Use Google Distributed Cloud to innovate faster with enterprise ready generative AI. Building applications with the latest in AI innovations can be challenging and scaling AI across multiple edge locations adds to the complexity.

With our product, you can build and train AI models on Google Cloud using selected Vertex AI services and deploy and run locally at the edge. Leverage ready to use Google Cloud products, such as Dataproc and AlloyDB as the building blocks for your custom-built solution.

Run modern applications in an open & consistent environment

Build modern apps everywhere in a uniform developer environment from cloud to edge. Google Distributed Cloud enables your team to build, deploy, and scale with a kubernetes-based developer workflow and leverage an active ecosystem of partners.

Address data residency & operational sovereignty needs

Google Distributed Cloud comes with an air-gapped option, coupled with a partner-operated model, supports public sector and regulated industries to meet the strictest sovereignty regulations, including ensuring data residency, control of operational staffing, and limiting impacts of jurisdictional challenges.

Scale anywhere with cloud-native agility

Scale from one to thousands of locations with flexible hardware and software options for your business. Google Distributed Cloud equips your team with fully managed software to quickly adapt and respond to the latest customer requirement and market changes.

How It Works

Drive modern business use cases with Google Distributed Cloud. Leverage Google's AI, security, and open ecosystem to innovate faster, deliver better experiences, improve growth, and optimize operations. Securely store your data where you need it and run modern apps anywhere with kubernetes-based flexible scaling for thousands of edge locations.

Technical overview

Google Distributed Cloud portfolio

Common Uses

Build apps with an air-gapped option

Enable modern retail experiences

Implement modern manufacturing outcomes

Transform telecommunications

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Google Distributed Cloud YouTube playlist has a variety of content about driving data & AI transformation, accelerating cloud native network adoption, and new monetization models. Learn more about our managed edge hardware and software product for enterprises and public sector to innovate with AI, keep data secure and independent, and modernize with Kubernetes-based consistent and open developer experience from edge to cloud.