Database resources

Last reviewed 2024-02-26 UTC

The Architecture Center provides content resources across a wide variety of database subjects.

Database resources in the Architecture Center

You can filter the following list of database resources by typing a product name or a phrase that's in the resource title or description.

Analyzing FHIR data in BigQuery

Apache Guacamole on GKE and Cloud SQL

Architectures for high availability of MySQL clusters on Compute Engine

Architectures for high availability of PostgreSQL clusters on Compute Engine

Continuous data replication to BigQuery using Striim

Continuous data replication to Spanner using Striim

Database migration: Concepts and principles (Part 1)

Disaster recovery planning guide

Elastically scaling your MySQL environment

Example architecture for using a DLP proxy to query a database containing sensitive data

Jump Start Solution: Deploy a Java application using Compute Engine

Jump Start Solution: Dynamic web application with Java

Migrate an Oracle database to Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL using Striim

Migrating from Aerospike to Bigtable

Migrating Microsoft SQL Server from AWS to Google Cloud

Multi-cloud database management: Architectures, use cases, and best practices

Performing a PITR of a PostgreSQL database on Compute Engine

Scheduling Memorystore for Redis database exports using Cloud Scheduler

Strategies to migrate IBM Db2 to Compute Engine

Tracking provenance and lineage metadata for healthcare data

Use Apache Hive on Dataproc

Use Atlas Live Migration to migrate MongoDB to MongoDB Atlas

Using Cloud SQL for MySQL Second Generation as a mobile game backend database

Using Memorystore for Redis as a game leaderboard

Using Microsoft SQL Server backups for point-in-time recovery on Compute Engine