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Open source databases

Fully managed open source databases promote innovation without vendor lock-in or high licensing fees. Google Cloud and our partners help you deploy secure open source databases at scale without managing infrastructure.


Make the most of Google Cloud's commitment to open source

Community support

Google Cloud has long  been a leading open source contributor and partner to organizations that are focused on fully managed open source databases and community-driven innovation.

Partner-driven innovation

Unlike vendors that deploy older versions of open source code, Google Cloud works directly with key partners to provide a fully integrated platform that offers our customers the latest technology.


Google Cloud databases like AlloyDB and Cloud SQL combine the ease and efficiency of a managed service and the flexibility of open source engines, and give you access to the latest community enhancements.

Key features

One unified experience for easy database management

First line support

We provide first-line support for open source databases so you can manage and log support tickets from a single window.

Simple billing

Whether you’re using NoSQL or relational databases, you’ll only see one bill from Google Cloud.

Single console

You can provision and manage partner open source database services straight from your Google Cloud console.

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Our partnerships with these open source-centric companies offer your enterprise a seamless user experience and the ability to turn their innovations into fully managed services.