Networking resources

Last reviewed 2024-04-05 UTC

The Architecture Center provides content resources across a wide variety of networking subjects. This page provides information to help you get started and a list of all networking content in the Architecture Center.

Get started

Google Cloud provides a suite of networking services to help you run your enterprise in the cloud. This page can help you get started with both designing and building a new cloud network and with enhancing your existing network.

Design and build

There are two general approaches to create a network:

  • Just get started by creating a simple, but recommended, landing zone deployment and build from there.
  • Read all the materials up front, plan everything end-to-end, and then build your design.

If you just want to get started:

  • The fastest way is to use Google Cloud Setup in the Google Cloud console. The user interface shows you how to set up your organization, users and groups, administration, billing, networking, monitoring and security so you can get started with Google Cloud. Even if you already have an organization set up, you can use Google Cloud Setup to create well-crafted networks.
  • Alternatively, you can follow a manual process using the Landing zone design in Google Cloud document set. In that document set, Decide the network design for your Google Cloud landing zone provides several options for your network design.

If you want to read and plan first:


If you already have your Google Cloud network set up, but you want to enhance or modify your setup, the documents listed in the left navigation can help. The documents are organized in the following categories:

  • Connect: Connect Google Cloud resources to resources in other clouds, in your on-premises data centers, and in other parts of your Google Cloud deployment.
  • Scale: Use load balancing, content delivery networks, and DNS to deliver your applications to your customers at any scale.
  • Secure: Protect your applications and network traffic.
  • Observe: Monitor and inspect your network configuration and traffic.

Networking resources in the Architecture Center

You can filter the following list of networking resources by typing a product name or a phrase that's in the resource title or description.

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