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Marketing analytics and AI solutions

Bring business and marketing data together for a holistic view of marketing's performance and business impact. Create advanced audiences and enhance your customer experiences with the power of your data and Google Cloud.


How marketing analytics can help your business grow

Increase ROI with data-driven marketing insights

Connect data from siloed systems into BigQuery to gain holistic marketing insights. Enable robust channel performance reporting and predictive marketing analytics. 

Build predictive and advanced audience segments

Leverage Google Cloud’s machine learning capabilities to build differentiated audiences. Create audience segments like propensity to buy and high customer lifetime value to reach your most valuable customers.

Enhance customer experiences and brand measurement

Deliver enhanced customer experiences by providing relevant recommendations at scale. Monitor and leverage customer sentiment to plan product improvements, prioritize customer issues, and optimize Ads spend.

Key features

Google is your media and cloud partner on this journey

Google is uniquely positioned to bring your marketing and business data together in one platform with native Google Ads integrations and more.

How marketing data and analytics come together with Google Cloud

Google Cloud offers seamless connectors to key data sources like Google Ads, Google Analytics 360, Campaign Manager, etc. Connect your first-party data like CRM, sales, product, customer service, social and more, for a holistic view of marketing analytics in a connected platform. Easily build AI models from this consolidated data with built-in machine learning tools like BigQuery ML and Vertex AI.

Diagram on marketing data sources flowing into BigQuery and Looker

Gain a competitive advantage with marketing analytics and AI

An advanced marketing analytics and AI solution for all users and intents throughout the data and ML life cycle means more innovation in marketing for your organization. Flexible tools like BigQuery and Looker offer streamlined and scalable collaboration as your organization takes advantage of continuous enhancements with Google Cloud's technologies.

Futureproof your marketing with leading AI and machine learning

The digital marketing landscape is changing: from more complex customer journeys to regulatory changes on how data is collected and used to industry changes impacting third-party cookie measurement. A solution created upon the foundation of Google’s pioneering AI research and best in class algorithms with responsible AI capabilities can help your organization navigate these changes.

Drive campaign performance with intelligent, real-time data

Whether you are a marketing leader at your organization or an agency providing best-in-class marketing services, partnering with Google Cloud can help you tackle marketing analytics challenges by leveraging native Ads data integrations with BigQuery and developing custom, differentiated audience segments with Google Cloud's AI products.

Marketers can now access Google Trends datasets through direct interaction with BigQuery in a safe, secure, and private manner. This means you can explore what consumers are searching for to inform your analyses and make better data-driven decisions. If you’re new to BigQuery, spin up a free project using the BigQuery sandbox or check out the sample Looker dashboard to explore this data.

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Google Cloud marketing analytics specialized partners

Not sure where to get started or already working with a partner? Explore our partner ecosystem and learn how to bring Google Cloud to advance your marketing analytics.


Additional marketing analytics and AI resources

Explore our documentation to learn more with tutorials, explore popular architectures, and see patterns for common marketing analytics use cases.

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Learn how to build a recommendation system with BigQuery ML to generate product or service recommendations from customer data.

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Looker for Google Marketing Platform

Get started with out-of-the-box insights with Looker's Blocks and Actions for Google Marketing Platform (GMP) and activate data from Looker in GMP and GA360.

Create a unified app analytics platform

Centralize your data sources in a data warehouse and dig deeper into customer behavior to make informed business decisions.

Best Practice
Deliver great experiences with Google Cloud and Ads products

Brands are using Google Ads and Cloud products together to deliver better campaigns and customer experiences.


Use the Google Trends data to solve business challenges like uncovering trends in retail locations, predicting product demand, and inspiring new marketing campaigns.