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Database Migration Service

Simplify migrations to the cloud. Available now for MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Oracle databases.

  • Migrate to open source databases in the cloud from on-premises, Google Cloud, or other clouds

  • Replicate data continuously for minimal downtime migrations

  • Seamlessly convert your schemas and code

  • Serverless and easy to set up


Simplified migration

Start migrating in just a few clicks with a single, integrated conversion and migration experience. Reduced migration complexity means you can enjoy the benefits of the cloud sooner.

Minimal downtime

Enjoy a fully-managed service that migrates your database with minimal downtime. Serverless migrations are highly performant at scale and can take an initial snapshot followed by continuous data replication.

Fast track to Cloud SQL and AlloyDB

Get the operational benefits of the open, standards-based Cloud SQL and AlloyDB for PostgreSQL services with enterprise availability, stability, and security you can trust for your most critical workloads.

Key features

Key features

Easy to use

A guided experience takes you through migration of MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Oracle databases with built-in, customized source configuration information, schema and code conversion, and setup of multiple secure networking connectivity options. Enabling validation before running migrations ensures migration success.

Integrated conversion and migration

Modernize your legacy Oracle workloads by migrating them to PostgreSQL. A built-in conversion workspace reduces the manual effort of heterogeneous migrations and guides you through schema and code conversion. It automatically converts objects, such as tables, functions, stored procedures, triggers, and views, and highlights any conversion issues for your review.

Available in preview for migrations from Oracle to Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL.

Serverless experience

Eliminate the operational burdens of database migration. There are no migration servers to provision, manage, or monitor, and auto-scaling ensures high-performance, uninterrupted data replication at scale. The entire process is done with minimal downtime, from the initial snapshot of the source database to continuous replication of changes.

Secure by design

Rest easy knowing your data is protected during migration. Database Migration Service supports multiple secure, private connectivity methods to protect your data in transit. Once migrated, all data is encrypted by default, and Google Cloud databases provide multiple layers of security to meet even the most stringent requirements.

Freedom to work the way you want

Google Cloud offers managed services for the open source MySQL and PostgreSQL databases and for SQL Server, as well as AlloyDB, a fully managed PostgreSQL-compatible database service for your most demanding enterprise database workloads. You can migrate your databases smoothly and with no surprises. Database Migration Service leverages native replication capabilities for highly accurate, high-fidelity migrations, at no additional cost.


Database Migration Service documentation

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For homogenous migrations, where the source and destination are the same database engine, Database Migration Service is offered at no additional charge. This includes migrations of MySQL and PostgreSQL sources to Cloud SQL and AlloyDB destinations.

Heterogeneous migrations, between different database engines, are priced in per-byte increments on a per-migration job basis. Bytes are counted based on raw (uncompressed) data.


Google Cloud partners can help make even more of your migrations seamless.