Hybrid and multicloud secure networking architecture patterns

Last reviewed 2023-12-14 UTC

This document is the third of three documents in a set. It discusses hybrid and multicloud networking architecture patterns. This part explores several common secure network architecture patterns that you can use for hybrid and multicloud architectures. It describes the scenarios that these networking patterns are best suited for, and provides best practices for implementing them with Google Cloud.

The document set for hybrid and multicloud architecture patterns consists of these parts:

  • Build hybrid and multicloud architectures: discusses planning a strategy for architecting a hybrid and multicloud setup with Google Cloud.
  • Hybrid and multicloud architecture patterns: discusses common architecture patterns to adopt as part of a hybrid and multicloud strategy.
  • Hybrid and multicloud secure networking architecture patterns: discusses hybrid and multicloud networking architecture patterns from a networking perspective (this document).

Connecting private computing environments to Google Cloud securely and reliably is essential for any successful hybrid and multicloud architecture. The hybrid networking connectivity and cloud networking architecture pattern you choose for a hybrid and multicloud setup must meet the unique requirements of your enterprise workloads. It must also suit the architecture patterns you intend to apply. Although you might need to tailor each design, there are common patterns you can use as a blueprint.

The networking architecture patterns in this document shouldn't be considered alternatives to the landing zone design in Google Cloud. Instead, you should design and deploy the architecture patterns you select as part of the overall Google Cloud landing zone design, which spans the following areas:

  • Identities
  • Resource management
  • Security
  • Networking
  • Monitoring

Different applications can use different networking architecture patterns, which are incorporated as part of a landing zone architecture. In a multicloud setup, you should maintain the consistency of the landing zone design across all environments.

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