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Business intelligence modernization

Google Cloud’s uniquely powerful and flexible BI modernization solutions help you develop a strategy to modernize BI and put data at the center of your business transformation.

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Powerful and flexible foundation for modernizing BI and transforming business

Innovate and differentiate with data

Deliver high-value user experiences and transform your business processes by developing innovative new ways to use data to inform or automate your decision-making.

Strategically utilize your BI budget

Eliminate overlapping legacy BI tools by utilizing Looker's SQL-based modeling layer which is more agile, collaborative, and flexible than the rigid semantic layers at the center of legacy BI architecture.

Future-proof your BI strategy

Our scalable, 100% cloud-native solutions easily adapt to your organization's evolving data strategy so you can quickly react to changing business requirements.

Key features

Fuel your data-driven digital transformation

Supply your employees, customers, products, and services with timely, trusted data to power experiences tailored for every part of your business

Architecture with unmatched flexibility and security

The unique in-database architecture of Looker leverages the power and scalability of modern MPP cloud data warehouses like BigQuery and allows for future flexibility by eliminating the chaos of cubes and extracts. Leave your data securely at its source and deliver answers consistently into your business operations and customer experiences or in Looker’s modern BI and analytics applications.

An efficient and reusable agile semantic layer

LookML provides governance for real-time data at scale and a single, shared place for people and apps to interact with that data. It’s an agile and collaborative, centrally managed Git version-controlled modeling layer that eliminates data silos and inconsistencies.

Self-service business intelligence with built-in connectors

Looker Studio is an easy to use self-serve BI solution enabling ad-hoc reporting, analysis, and data mashups. It currently supports over 800 data sources with a catalog of more than 600 connectors, making it easy to explore data from different sources with just a few clicks without ever needing IT.

A developer platform designed for new data experiences

As the trusted API for all your data, Looker lets you focus on the answers you need and where to deliver them—not how to ask the questions. Go beyond static BI reports and dashboards by building best-in-class data apps that keep development teams lean and focused on core competencies.

Multicloud and database access to support any environment

The SQL-based modeling layer is more agile, collaborative, and flexible than the rigid semantic layers at the center of the legacy BI architecture, offering your team the necessary agility to react to changing business requirements quickly. Take advantage of the performance and scale of modern MPP multi- and hybrid cloud architectures.

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