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Mainframe modernization

Foster innovation, increase agility, and reduce operational costs by modernizing your mainframes to Google Cloud with automation, industry expertise, risk-mitigating migration tools, and a rich partner ecosystem. 


Modernize your mainframes to supercharge your business with Google's solutions


Begin your transformation journey with Google Cloud and gain access to industry leading technologies and world class generative AI infrastructure that is backed by best-in-class Google engineering. 

Unlock agility

Google Cloud provides an extensive suite of modern development tools, frameworks, and services that allows you to build quickly, deploy, and iterate new applications to stay competitive in the market.

Cost savings

Reduce or replace expensive mainframe ownership, maintenance costs, and high-priced software licensing fees. Realize significant savings with Google Cloud while driving innovation and efficiency. 

Key features

Google’s solutions for mainframe modernization

Google's experienced team of industry experts will work with you to understand the best modernization approach for your business applications.

MAT (Mainframe Assessment Tool)

MAT includes experimental AI-powered capabilities of code analysis, code explanation, and ability to summarize, as well as test creation. The MAT tool leverages Vertex AI that was pre-trained and fine-tuned for legacy languages. MAT supports you starting your journey and provides everything you need to get started with migrating your mainframe workloads to Google Cloud. Watch the video.

Refactor with G4 + Gen AI

Utilizing Gen AI to summarize code and generate test cases, G4 is both programming language- and platform-independent and can handle the most common legacy languages such as COBOL, JCL, RPG, and convert these into modern Java. Significantly increasing agility and eliminating all dependencies on legacy technologies and skills.

De-risk with Dual Run

Dual Run lets you simultaneously run workloads on your existing mainframe environment and on Google Cloud, allowing you to perform real-time testing and quickly gather data on performance with no disruption to your business. When you’re satisfied with the functional equivalency of the two systems, you can make the Google Cloud environment your new system of record. Watch the video.

Retain and augment with the Mainframe Connector

Use the Mainframe Connector to move the mainframe data to Google Cloud Storage and BigQuery. Without migrating the application, the Mainframe Connector can replicate the data from DB2, VSAM flat files into Google Cloud where you can utilize the AI/ML services we offer while lowering MIPS consumption used for analytics on the mainframe. Watch the video.

Expert guidance and partners

Our specialized partners will advise and design the future cloud architecture, dependencies, and steps for mainframe migration and modernization. 


Google Cloud welcomes these customers who have fully migrated from the mainframe

Google and our partners are working with a large number of clients to move their mainframe applications to Google Cloud. Whilst most projects are in progress, these have completed.



Our large ecosystem of trusted industry partners with specialist mainframe skills and technology complement our own to address legacy software and systems.

Our delivery partners work with our mainframe specialist teams to scale and help deliver your mainframe applications to Google Cloud with the fastest time to value.

Our technology partners ensure we can solve and deliver the best fit solutions to the transformed mainframe application. We use these to expand existing Google Cloud services.

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