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Google Cloud for healthcare and life sciences

Empower data-driven innovation, transform the patient and caregiver experience, and enable operational efficiencies across your organization.

Improve responsive patient service with generative AI on Google Cloud

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MedLM: transforming healthcare with generative AI

MedLM is a family of models built for the complexity of healthcare. Developed by Google Research, MedLM helps unlock knowledge to transform workflows, build customized solutions seamlessly, and innovate safely and responsibly.

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Why Google Cloud for healthcare and life sciences

Our global service and technology partner ecosystem can accelerate your transformation through their experts, professional services, and industry-specific solutions.

Security and compliance

Protect your sensitive data—including protected health information (PHI), R&D and IP data, and clinical trial results—through identity management, network security, threat detection and response.

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Generative AI for healthcare

Kickstart your generative AI journey

Download the guide to learn what generative AI is, the business value you can expect to deliver, and gather best practices from Google Cloud’s AI experts. 

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Generative AI is one of the most significant technological shifts in history

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