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Modernize software delivery

Transform your software delivery best practices, to improve productivity, optimize costs, implement CI/CD best practices and secure the software supply chain. 

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Software delivery

Solutions address inner loop, outer loop, and security best practices. Audience includes application developers, devops engineers, platform engineers, and security teams. 

Improve developer productivity

Container developer workshop

Learn the approach to optimize innerloop developer productivity, best practices to develop, test and debug container apps using Google and open source technologies.

Modernize CI and CD

Software delivery workshop

Learn the CI/CD best practices to establish a software delivery model using Google Cloud technologies such as Cloud Build, Cloud Deploy, Artifact Registry.

Software delivery blueprint

A reference architecture and supporting code to implement an opinionated software delivery model that can scale across multiple teams and multiple environments.

Secure software supply chain

S3C Workshop

Learn principles and practices to secure your software supply chain by optimizing each state of your software delivery process. 

S3C blueprint

Provision a CI/CD pipeline that aligns with secure software supply chain principles to deploy and promote applications across environments.


Improve software delivery through Google partners

Related products

Software delivery solutions

- Implement fully serverless continuous integration using Cloud Build.

- Streamline continuous delivery using Cloud Deploy.

- Store, manage and secure container images and build artifacts in Artifact Registry  Artifact analysis to identify vulnerabilities.

- Deploy trusted images by gating with Binary Authorization.

- Store passwords, certificates and other sensitive data in Secret Manager.

- IDE integration and code analysis with Cloud Code.

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