Google Cloud for Games

Google Cloud for Games helps you create exceptional player experiences by unifying performance and insights.

Watch how Capcom uses Google Cloud for the renowned fighting series Street Fighter


An ecosystem for live service games

Google operates live services used by billions. Harness world-class technology, performance, and scale with Google Cloud.  

Empower your games with Google Cloud

Google Cloud's solutions helps you serve exceptional games and uncover new ways to delight players, so they come back for more.  

Live service games need more than servers

Players level up, make purchases, and forge relationships. Games need a database that remembers everything, fast, at scale.
Databases for games

Powering everlasting love for the game

The game industry's most successful game publishers, developers, and studios build on Google Cloud.

Creating better, together

Google Cloud collaborates with some of the game industry's most prominent enablers.  

Google Cloud for Games

Empower your game with Google Cloud.