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Telecom Data Fabric Preview

Accelerate telecom data management and analytics with an automated approach, leveraging multiple Google Cloud data and AI/ML products. Democratize data and governance, improving the ability of communication service providers and ISVs to innovate, build analytical applications, and drive automation.

  • Quickly ingest and normalize telecom data

  • Transform to reusable open data models

  • Accelerate the use of data without compromising data quality, privacy, and security

Key features

Key features

Build unified experiences from Edge to Cloud

Eliminate the collection of disparate data coming from a multitude of products by leveraging a common control plane. Simplify data migration to cloud and quickly curate and operationalize data with a centralized data governance model from the telecom network.

Create faster paths to high-value data

Normalize and correlate data across the multi-vendor deployments with pre-built data adapters. Harmonize data into a set of unified reusable models to simplify consumption across your stakeholders.

Accelerate your ecosystems with AI

Enable your developer ecosystem to leverage reusable high value data while applying AI to create more predictive engines. The data mesh architecture enables highly flexible deployment models adapted to telecom network organizations.

Automate operations with control loops

Create new telecom network deployments to be automated and highly configurable. Control loops can be easily integrated into network elements and new standards, network operations centers, customer care, incident management, OSS/BSS, and more to create the autonomous network.

What's new

Use cases

Use cases

Use case
Architectural view

Google Cloud's Telecom Data Fabric provides faster data accessibility using a set of APIs and data management to quickly curate the data and centralize governance to preserve data sovereignty and privacy.

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Telecom Data Fabric is currently offered in Private preview. For pricing or more information, please contact Google Cloud sales in your area or email us at