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Modernize Traditional Applications

There are several reasons why enterprises still have not migrated a bulk of their traditional applications to the cloud. Our traditional applications solution addresses these challenges and helps your cloud journey. 


Cloud Native: Measure success in terms of business value

Cost Management

180+% Return on investment (ROI) over 3 years

35% Reduction in environment setup time (Day 0/1 Ops)

75% Reduction in ongoing management time (Day 2 Ops)

Business Continuity

50% Less time spent monitoring services, resulting in reinvested productivity

97% Improvement in availability and avoided downtime

95% Faster deployments


30% Improvement in developer efficiency and time to market

40% Reduction in developer recruiting costs because of better developer retention

80% Improvement in productivity for security tasks

Key features

Rationalize and prioritize your traditional applications with Google Cloud

Platform owners can leverage our fit assessment tool. App owners can leverage our partnership with CAST to assess and prioritize a portfolio of apps.

Discover & assess against a VMware inventory

A large number of workloads can be assessed at once using Google Cloud's fit-assessment tool, resulting in either best “value for effort” or shortest “time to on-board” according to customer preference. Use Migrate to Containers to convert VM-based workloads into containers that run on Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), Anthos clusters, or Cloud Run platform.

Fit Assessment Tool

Prioritize your apps based on business and technical criterias

Through Google Cloud's partnership with CAST Software, you can perform automated source code analysis of hundreds of applications in a week for Cloud Readiness, Open Source risks, Resiliency, Agility. Objective software insights combined with qualitative surveys for business context.

Application Rationalization

Use Apigee to encapsulate legacy services in modern APIs

Extend the life of legacy applications, build modern services, and quickly deliver new experiences with Google’s API management platform as an abstraction layer on top of existing services.


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What's new

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