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Go Serverless

Google Cloud Serverless provides the fastest path to cloud native applications, bringing speed and scalability without worrying about managing infrastructure.


Quickly build and deploy applications with Google Cloud Serverless

Fully managed infrastructure

No setup, maintenance, or patching of serverless infrastructure. Scale up and down based on traffic.

Portability with containers

Build and deploy serverless applications as containers or bring your own Open Container Initiative compliant containers to run.

Leverage integration with Google Cloud services

Integrate with AI/ML technologies from Google, such as vision, video processing, Speech-to-Text, and other APIs to build smart applications.

Key features


Learn to onboard applications, understand serverless patterns, and architect enterprise ready applications for Google Cloud serverless.

Cloud native principles workshop

Learn cloud native principles and a fast path approach to serverless cloud native applications with Cloud Run. 


Enterprise serverless workshop

Learn common serverless patterns and to build enterprise ready applications using Google Cloud serverless technologies. This solution covers several technologies: Cloud Run, Cloud Functions, Cloud Run jobs, Cloud SQL, Cloud Spanner, Firestore, Eventarc, and more.

Enterprise Serverless Workshop

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Enterprises can innovate without worrying about provisioning machines, clusters, or autoscaling. No knowledge of containers or Kubernetes is required.


Common use cases for serverless workloads

Web services: website hosting

Build your website with Cloud Run using your favorite language or framework (Go, Python, Java, Node.js, .NET, and more), access SQL database, render dynamic pages.

IT process automation

Automate cloud infrastructure with Eventarc triggers and workflows that control Google Cloud services.

Integration with third-party services and APIs

Use Cloud Functions to integrate with third-party services that offer webhook integrations to quickly extend your application.

Real-time analytics

Respond to events from Pub/Sub to process, transform, and enrich streaming data.

Web services: REST APIs backend

Modern mobile apps commonly rely on RESTful backend APIs to provide current views of application data and separation for frontend and backend development teams.