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Building the next generation edge platform

Many industries are facing a growing demand to provide localized, consistent, low latency services. Our Edge solution addresses these challenges of edge deployments and governance while being hardware agnostic.


Enhance customer experience and employee productivity with your edge strategy

Comprehensive solution

Google Cloud’s Edge solution provides an end-to-end approach including deploying the platform and applications as well as managing them and integrating them with Google Cloud.

Minimize risk and operational overhead

Eliminates cumbersome platform upgrades that result in edge locations staying on outdated platforms longer and being vulnerable to security issues through centralized platform management.

Cost reduction

Organizations can eliminate their expensive VMWare licensing costs and also reduce their operational costs by having a unified approach for managing applications running at the edge and the cloud.

Key features

Simplifying your edge strategy

Our solution provides standardized approaches for deploying and managing your applications across various edge locations.

Automated platform deployment

Deploy edge environments in a completely automated manner and use Config Management to standardize configuration across multiple deployments.

Single pane of glass view

Google Cloud and Anthos allow you to have a single view of your various edge locations to monitor and manage them.

Seamless developer experience

This solution allows application teams to use standardized development approaches irrespective of whether it is deployed on the cloud or the edge.

Build for the future

By building applications on Anthos, customers can adopt a platform that is not just built for today but for the future, including integrations with products like BigQuery, ML, and more.

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Google Cloud Next '21 Session

Watch and learn about how customers can reimagine how they leverage their edge locations to improve employee productivity and customer experience.