Introduction to BigQuery Migration Service

This document provides an overview of the BigQuery Migration Service.

The BigQuery Migration Service is a comprehensive solution for migrating your data warehouse to BigQuery. It includes free-to-use tools that help you with each phase of migration, including assessment and planning, SQL translation for more than 10 dialects, data transfer, and data validation. Together, these tools help you accelerate migrations and reduce risk, shortening the time to value.

In the assessment and planning phase, you can use the BigQuery migration assessment feature to understand your existing data warehouse. Then, you can use the batch SQL translator and the interactive SQL translator to prepare your SQL queries and scripts to work in BigQuery. The batch and interactive SQL translators support translation from a wide range of SQL dialects.

When you're ready to move your data, you can use the BigQuery Data Transfer Service to automate and manage the migration from your data warehouse to BigQuery. After you migrate your data, you can use the Data Validation Tool to validate that the migration succeeded.


Quotas and limits apply to the number of jobs as well as the size of files. For more information on migration service quotas and limits, see Quotas and limits.


There is no charge to use the BigQuery Migration API. However, storage used for input and output files incurs the normal fees. For more information, see Storage pricing.

Additionally, you can use the cost estimation functionality in Google Cloud Migration Center to generate a cost estimate of running your data warehouse setup that you migrate to BigQuery. For more information, see Start a cost estimation and Specify data warehousing requirements.

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