Google Merchant Center product inventory table schema

Product inventory table schema

Best sellers data helps merchants understand the most popular brands and products in Shopping ads and unpaid listings. For more information about best sellers, see the description in Supported reports.

The data is written to a table named BestSellers_TopProducts_Inventory_merchant_id if you are using an individual Merchant ID, or BestSellers_TopProducts_Inventory_aggregator_id if you're using an MCA account.

The BestSellers_TopProducts_Inventory_ table has the following schema:

Column BigQuery data type Description
rank_id STRING Rank identifier to join against the Top Products table
product_id STRING Content API's REST ID of the product in the form channel:content_language:feed_label:offer_id.
merchant_Id INTEGER Merchant account ID.
aggregator_id INTEGER Aggregator account ID for multi-client accounts.


The example below demonstrates how the BestSellers_TopProducts_Inventory_ table provides a mapping to your products for all target countries in the Products_ table.

Top Products

product_title rank_id: ranking_country ranking_category rank
Example Backpack 2020-03-14:AU:5181:40:product AU 5181 40

Product inventory table

rank_id product_id
2020-03-14:AU:5181:40:product online:en:AU:666840730
2020-03-14:AU:5181:40:product online:en:AU:666840730