Google Merchant Center products table schema

Products and product issues table schema

When your Google Merchant Center reporting data is transferred to BigQuery, the format of product and product issues data corresponds primarily to the format of the relevant fields of the Content API's Products and Productstatuses resources.

The data is written to a table named Products_merchant_id if you are using an individual Merchant ID, or Products_aggregator_id if you're using an MCA account.

The Products_ table has the following schema:

Column BigQuery data type Description
product_data_timestamp TIMESTAMP Timestamp of the product data
product_id STRING Content API's REST ID of the product in the form: channel:content_language:feed_label:offer_id
merchant_id INTEGER Merchant account ID
aggregator_id INTEGER Aggregator account ID for multi-client accounts
offer_id STRING A unique identifier of the item
title STRING Title of the item
description STRING Description of the item
link STRING URL directly linking to the item's page on your website
mobile_link STRING URL of a mobile-optimized version of the landing page
image_link STRING URL of an image of the item
additional_image_links STRING, REPEATED Additional URLs of images of the item
content_language STRING The two-letter ISO 639-1 language code for the item
target_country* STRING The CLDR territory code for the item
feed_label STRING The feed label for the item, or "-" if not provided
channel STRING The item's channel either `online` or `local`
expiration_date TIMESTAMP Date and time on which the item should expire, as specified upon insertion
google_expiration_date TIMESTAMP Date and time on which the item expires in Google Shopping
adult BOOLEAN Set to true if the item is targeted towards adults
age_group STRING Target age group of the item
availability STRING Availability status of the item
availability_date TIMESTAMP Date and time when a pre-ordered product becomes available for delivery
brand STRING Brand of the item
google_brand_id STRING Google brand ID of the item
color STRING Color of the item
condition STRING Condition or state of the item
custom_labels RECORD Custom labels for custom grouping of items in a Shopping campaign
custom_labels.label_0 STRING Custom label 0
custom_labels.label_1 STRING Custom label 1
custom_labels.label_2 STRING Custom label 2
custom_labels.label_3 STRING Custom label 3
custom_labels.label_4 STRING Custom label 4
gender STRING Target gender of the item
gtin STRING Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) of the item
item_group_id STRING Shared identifier for all variants of the same product
material STRING The material of which the item is made
mpn STRING Manufacturer Part Number (MPN) of the item
pattern STRING The item's pattern, for example, polka dots
price RECORD Price of the item
price.value NUMERIC The price of the item
price.currency STRING The currency of the price
sale_price RECORD Advertised sale price of the item
sale_price.value NUMERIC The sale price of the item
sale_price.currency STRING The currency of the sale price
sale_price_effective_start_date TIMESTAMP Start date and time when the item is on sale
sale_price_effective_end_date TIMESTAMP End date and time when the item is on sale
google_product_category INTEGER The item's Google product category ID
google_product_category_ids INTEGER, REPEATED The full path of Google product categories to the item, stored as a set of IDs
google_product_category_path STRING A human-readable version of the full path
product_type STRING Merchant-provided category of the item
additional_product_types STRING, REPEATED Additional categories of the item
destinations RECORD, REPEATED The intended destinations for the product STRING The name of the destination; currently, only `Shopping` is supported
destinations.status* STRING The destination's approval status. Possible values are: `approved`, `disapproved`, and `pending` STRING The name of the destination; only `Shopping` is currently supported
destinations.approved_countries STRING, REPEATED List of CLDR territory codes where the offer is approved.
destinations.pending_countries STRING, REPEATED List of CLDR territory codes where the offer is pending.
destinations.disapproved_countries STRING, REPEATED List of CLDR territory codes where the offer is disapproved.
issues RECORD, REPEATED The list of item level issues associated with the product
issues.code STRING The error code of the issue
issues.servability STRING How this issue affects serving of the offer
issues.resolution STRING Whether the issue can be resolved by the merchant
issues.attribute_name STRING The attribute's name, if the issue is caused by a single attribute
issues.destination STRING The destination the issue applies to
issues.short_description STRING Short issue description in English
issues.detailed_description STRING Detailed issue description in English
issues.documentation STRING URL of a web page to help with resolving this issue
issues.applicable_countries STRING, REPEATED List of CLDR territory codes where the issue applies.