Authenticate with JWTs

The BigQuery API accepts JSON Web Tokens (JWTs) to authenticate requests.

As a best practice, you should use Application Default Credentials (ADC) to authenticate to BigQuery. If you can't use ADC and you're using a service account for authentication, then you can use a signed JWT instead. JWTs let you make an API call without a network request to Google's authorization server.

You can use JWTs to authenticate in the following ways:


For JWTs, an audience claim is used instead of a scope. For the BigQuery APIs, set the audience value to

Create JWTs with client libraries

For service account keys created in Google Cloud console or by using the gcloud CLI, use a client library that provides JWT signing. The following list provides some appropriate options for popular programming languages:

Java example

The following example uses the BigQuery client library for Java to create and sign a JWT.



public class Example {
    public static void main(String... args) throws Exception {
        String projectId = "myproject";
        // Load JSON file that contains service account keys and create ServiceAccountJwtAccessCredentials object.
        String credentialsPath = "/path/to/key.json";
        URI audience = URI.create("");
        Credentials credentials = null;
        try (FileInputStream is = new FileInputStream(credentialsPath)) {
            credentials = ServiceAccountJwtAccessCredentials.fromStream(is, audience);
        // Instantiate BigQuery client with the credentials object.
        BigQuery bigquery =
        // Use the client to list BigQuery datasets.
            .forEach(dataset -> System.out.printf("%s%n", dataset.getDatasetId().getDataset()));

Create JWTs with REST or the gcloud CLI

For system-managed service accounts, you must manually assemble the JWT, then use the REST method projects.serviceAccounts.signJwt or the Google Cloud CLI command gcloud beta iam service-accounts sign-jwt to sign the JWT. To use either of these approaches, you must be a member of the Service Account Token Creator Identity and Access Management role.

gcloud CLI example

The following example shows a bash script that assembles a JWT and then uses the gcloud beta iam service-accounts sign-jwt command to sign it.



TMP_DIR=$(mktemp -d /tmp/sa_signed_jwt.XXXXX)
trap "rm -rf ${TMP_DIR}" EXIT

IAT=$(date '+%s')

cat <<EOF > $JWT_FILE
  "aud": "",
  "iat": $IAT,
  "exp": $EXP,
  "iss": "$SA_EMAIL_ADDRESS",
  "sub": "$SA_EMAIL_ADDRESS"

gcloud beta iam service-accounts sign-jwt --iam-account $SA_EMAIL_ADDRESS $JWT_FILE $SIGNED_JWT_FILE

echo "Datasets:"
curl -L -H "Authorization: Bearer $(cat $SIGNED_JWT_FILE)" \
-X GET \

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