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Google Cloud for energy

Google Cloud helps power and utility companies digitize their businesses faster with a range of industry-leading energy-specific solutions, partners, and services.


Partnering on digital transformation

Google Cloud uses our energy expertise and AI leadership to run the world’s most energy-efficient data centers and help power companies reach their efficiency goals.

Modernize and connect across the energy enterprise

Anthos is an open hybrid, multi-cloud platform that enables consistency between on-premises and cloud environments and faster application development.

Collaboration with Google Workspace

Power teams from corporate HQ to the assembly line to work faster, smarter, and more collaboratively.

Learn how Veolia empowers its employees to collaborate anywhere, anytime.

Ramp up to digital at every stage and deliver seamless experiences with agility and speed by moving your power or utility’s SAP environment to Google Cloud.

Underutilized on-premises environments are complex to manage and maintain. Migrating your applications to Google Cloud can optimize performance and cost.

AI-powered solutions and analytics

AI visual inspection enables reduced asset inspection times while ensuring safety, efficiency, and accuracy with the Google Cloud for Visual Inspection solution.

Make informed decisions quickly and easily by gaining new insights from data with BigQuery, our serverless, highly scalable, and cost-effective cloud data warehouse.

Easily turn unstructured documents like invoices and receipts into structured data to increase operational efficiency and improve your customers’ experience.

Enhancing consumer engagement and innovation

Upgrade your customer service with AI that supports your current contact center, speaks naturally with customers, and lets human agents focus on more complex cases.

Perform complex simulations, uncover new insights for innovation, and accelerate your engineering and design processes with high performance computing.

Google Sunroof

Estimate your home’s solar potential and installation requirements with this tool that computes how much sun hits your roof each year and models sunlight scenarios.

See how SunPower uses Google Cloud to create sustainable business.

Serve local communities or tackle global challenges with data-driven science from our cloud-based geospatial processing platform.

Significantly increase overall customer service scores by enabling seamless customer experiences.


Multilayered security for a crucial industry

Security is particularly important for energy and utility companies, since so many customers entrust them with their personal information, and so many communities count on their service reliability.

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